Training Courses

As part of our mission, the NTRCFL regularly trains our law enforcement colleagues throughout our service area and the state of Texas in various digital forensics tools & techniques — all free of charge — in our modern classroom.

Below is a description of our current course offerings:

  • Image Scan – This software tool was created by members of the FBI's Computer Analysis Response Team specifically for "knock & talk" situations relating to child exploitation investigations. Once deployed, the software quickly identifies and isolates images on a suspect's computer and stores them on a USB device – without altering any files on the computer. ImageScan consists of a CD and a USB device.
  • Case Agent Investigative Review – This 1-day course is for RCFL clients and is designed for investigators of Digital Evidence. The concepts of digital evidence forensics are discussed along with hands-on training with Access Data's Forensic Tool Kit (FTK). Investigators will learn software and hardware methods to allow for the expedient and thorough review of examination output and report building. The course is 50% FTK training and 50% practical exercises.