Kentucky RCFL

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Welcome to the Kentucky Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (KRCFL). The KRCFL is an ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) certified Computer Forensics Laboratory located in Louisville, Kentucky. 
The KRCFL's mission is to provide quality law enforcement support through competent, thorough, and professional digital forensic examinations for participating agencies and agencies throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

Kentucky RCFl patch. It has a person riding on a horseUpon request, the KRCFL will provide digital forensics services and training to any law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the state of Kentucky.


440 North Whittington Parkway
Louisville, KY 40222

Participating Agencies 

The Kentucky RCFL is a unique partnership that promotes quality and strengthens computer forensics capacity. Computer forensics professionals from the following organizations are staffing the RCFL:

Local Government

Federal Government

If your agency is interested in becoming a partner, please contact Director Kimberly Milka at 502-423-6740 for more information. 

Service Areas

The KRCFL accepts requests for computer forensics services from any law enforcement agency operating within Kentucky. Our Service Area includes 120 counties and encompasses various federal lands throughout the state.