Employment Opportunities FAQ's

How can I apply for a position with an RCFL?

The RCFL is a cooperative partnership where law enforcement agencies detail individuals to work on a full time basis. The RCFL does not hire individuals to work in these digital evidence laboratories. Individuals who are employed by one of the Participating Agencies are eligible to apply for a position within the RCFL. Candidates are nominated by their agency with the understanding that they will detail the candidate for a specific time period (usually two years). If someone is interested in joining an RCFL, they should first seek career opportunities with the Participating Agencies at the nearest RCFL.

If someone is employed by one of the participating agencies, can they still apply for a detail even if they don't have a background in computers or forensics?

Yes. Although having a computer forensics background is advantageous, this should not preclude someone from applying. Prior computer training, a willingness to learn be a team player, and a commitment to the RCFL's mission, are all important considerations in the hiring process.

How much training does each individual need?

Each new detailee is evaluated as they come on board an RCFL to determine how much training is needed in order to receive the Computer Analysis Response Team/Digital Forensic Examiner Certification. That assessment serves as the basis for a training plan. As part of the training plan, each examiner trainee receives more than ten weeks of training during their first year as a part of this certification curriculum.