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San Diego's RCFL Logo. The primary mission of the San Diego Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (SDRCFL) is to effectively meet the digital forensics needs of all law enforcement agencies and departments throughout the San Diego and Imperial Counties. Our facility has the distinction of being the first established FBI-sponsored RCFL in the country. Today, we are among the leaders, both nationally and internationally, in conducting research and development for tools and procedures for use in the computer forensic and law enforcement communities. We are also part of the growing RCFL network that is striving everyday to combat computer related crime by assisting law enforcement agencies within San Diego and Imperial counties. The SDRCFL's casework is prioritized according to the magnitude and time-sensitivity of the crime under investigation – regardless of the identity or jurisdiction of the submitting law enforcement agency or department.

The SDRCFL's mission requires that there be highly trained and well-equipped digital forensics Examiners available to support federal, state and local investigations and prosecutions. In this capacity, the SDRCFL assists with the seizure of digital evidence; conducts impartial and objective analysis of digital evidence using the best available tools and procedures available, and; rigorously trains its Examiners so they may effectively testify in court when needed.

The SDRCFL also provides training to all participating agencies and departments located in its service area, in the proper techniques for seizing, storing and analyzing computer evidence—at no cost to these agencies. The SDRCFL trains an average of 500 local law enforcement personnel in these techniques each year. Where appropriate, the RCFL also supports on-going investigations of computer crime, such as unauthorized and malicious intrusions into computer systems, and uses state-of-the-art technology to obtain valuable evidence in real time.


10385 Vista Sorrento Parkway
San Diego, CA 92121

Participating Agencies

Because of the willingness of our Participating Agencies to contribute personnel and resources to a united cause, the San Diego RCFL is one of the most valuable assets available to area law enforcement personnel. While each of their missions may vary greatly, each of these agencies has provided some of their best and brightest people to work at the RCFL. We are grateful for their dedication and commitment to the program.

Local Government

Federal Government