Training Courses

Case Agent Investigative Review (CAIR)

Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) is one of several tools that the San Diego RCFL uses while conducting digital forensics examinations. This one day course teaches investigators how to use FTK so they can conduct a comprehensive review of the digital media that has been submitted to, or processed by the San Diego RCFL. This course also teaches investigators how to locate and examine e-mail messages, deleted files, documents, graphic files, and how to search for key words and phrases.

Cell Phone Investigations

The Cell Phone Investigations Course is designed for the first responder and investigators. This 1-day course offers hands-on operation of the UFED Touch, exposes students to logical extraction and data analysis. Students can expect to perform a number of hands-on logical extractions on various mobile devices with a variety of operating systems. Participants also create reports on findings and are exposed to the free UFED Reader and how to use that to multiply investigative efforts. Learn and share knowledge about iPhone, Android, and other smart phones.

DCCTV Data Recovery Training

DCCTV Data Recovery Training is designed for the first responder and investigator. This 1-day course is for RCFL clients and provides instruction on the capture and preservation of Digital Closed Circuit Television video. Instruction includes background on DCCTV systems and their components, trouble-shooting suggestions, and technical support offered by the RCFL. The course will be primarily hands-on training giving you the tools, knowledge and confidence to export digital video and still images from most any DCCTV system. A kit will be provided for assisting you in capturing digital video in the field, enabling you to be a resource for your agency.

Introduction to the Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory

Investigators are introduced to the San Diego RCFL's vast array of services offered to the law enforcement community. In this one day class, the San Diego RCFL will provide a short introduction to Case Agent Investigative Review (CAIR), DCCTV Data Recovery, Seizing and Handling of Digital Evidence (SHDE), Cell Phone Investigations, and the Loose Media Kiosk (LMK). A short tour of the facilities will also be provided.

DIVRT – Digital Video Recovery Training 

What is DIVRT Training? This training is a two day, hands-on course designed to assist law enforcement with retrieving evidence from digital video recorders. Participants in this training will learn best practices for retrieving video evidence, documenting critical system information and preserving the collected evidence. There is a web based portion that must be completed prior to attending the in-person session. Who should attend? Any FBI or Law Enforcement personnel tasked with retrieving video evidence in the field.