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The NTRCFL service area is represented by the 137 counties outlined in gold on this map of Texas. The area is about 119,360 square miles and covers about 45.6 % of the entire land mass of Texas. Within the service area, the population is about 7,636,000 and there are about 30,000 law enforcement officers. The NTRCFL generally accepts only cases within this geographic region or cases submitted by the Texas Attorney General's Office or the DPS Texas Rangers. However, we do make exceptions on a case by case basis.


North Texas Service Area

Participating Agencies

Each RCFL is governed by an Executive Board that operates in a manner similar to that of a board of directors. The NTRCFL's Executive Board comprises senior representatives from each of the participating agencies, and is chartered to review any policy, procedure, practice and/or rule affecting the day-to-day operations of the RCFL. The LEB does not hold any legal authority.

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