Training Courses

The following descriptions describe the various courses offered by the Rocky Mountain RCFL throughout the year:


The FBI's Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) developed the ImageScan system to help investigators locate the presence of picture files that may contain contraband on a computer. This system allows the investigator to view a variety of graphic formats during a consensual search, and protects valuable digital evidence by booting up a computer using the Linux operating system. After mounting the hard drive in a “read only” manner, ImageScan prompts the investigator to search for picture files only. During this process, the tool logs every step taken by the investigator, further documenting what occurred during the search process.

Law enforcement personnel that conduct on-site investigations for child pornography are encouraged to take the ImageScan training.

Case Agent Investigative Review

This 1-day course is for RCFL clients and is designed for investigators of Digital Evidence. The concepts of digital evidence forensics are discussed along with hands-on training with Access Data's Forensic Tool Kit (FTK). Investigators will learn software and hardware methods to allow for the expedient and thorough review of examination output and report building. The course is 50% FTK training and 50% practical exercises.