Training Courses

The NWRCFL offers the following training courses. Law enforcement personnel in the NWRCFL's service area may register on-line for any of the courses below:

Digital Evidence Processing

This course teaches investigators how to collect and preserve digital evidence, and to integrate digital evidence into a case. Additionally, investigators are exposed to the advanced tools and techniques used by the NWRCFL, so they can better understand what to expect from a forensics examination. This course requires no prerequisites, but attendees should have a working knowledge of computers.

Digital Evidence Briefing for Law Enforcement Executives (Lieutenant and above)

This training provides law enforcement executives with the information they need to identify, access, and ultimately address their agency's digital evidence need. This course provides an overview of digital evidence and the practice of computer forensics; evidence handling challenges; legal issues pertaining to digital evidence; and technologies associated with imaging, processing, digital video, encryption, and, various review techniques.

Image Scan Training

The FBI's Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) developed the Image Scan system to help investigators locate the presence of picture files that may contain contraband on a computer. This system allows the investigator to view a variety of graphic formats during a consensual search, and protects valuable digital evidence by booting up a computer using the Linux operating system. Law enforcement personnel that conduct on-site investigations for child pornography would benefit from Image Scan training.