Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Heart of America RCFL.

The CAIR Tool

Q: What is the CAIR tool?

A: The CAIR tool allows RCFL customers to review digital evidence findings on-line via a secure network—in the convenience of their own offices.

Q: How does CAIR actually work?

A: Once digital evidence is submitted to the HARCFL, it is processed using specialized software. Investigators can then review the Examiner's findings, whether they are images, e-mail messages, or documents, on-line. CAIR also allows users to "bookmark" or identify specific files for future reference. Before CAIR, investigators would typically receive the HARCFL’s findings on either a CD or DVD. But by using the CAIR tool, they can view the same results using their own computers.

Q: Can CAIR expedite an investigation?

A: Yes, because traveling to and from the HARCFL is no longer necessary using CAIR. With a service area encompassing 800 miles, the HARCFL staff recognized that CAIR could be especially helpful for law enforcement agencies located hours away from the laboratory's location in Kansas City.

Q: How long does it take to receive results using CAIR?

A: Presently, it can take anywhere between 30-90 days, sometimes longer, for an RCFL to complete a thorough digital forensics examination. However, with the CAIR tool, examination results on average, are being processed and made available to investigators in approximately 7 working days.

Q: Is information contained on CAIR safe and secure?

A: Yes. CAIR utilizes law enforcement’s secure and trusted Regional Information Sharing System in conjunction with the Midwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area network. All connections are made through numerous firewalls and are encrypted. Additionally, evidence can only be reviewed - not downloaded or transferred - via the CAIR system.

Q: Is training required to use CAIR?

A: Yes. The HARCFL is offering a one-day workshop on how to use CAIR. To register on-line for the course, click here.

Q: Are there fees associated with the CAIR tool?

A: No. The HARCFL does not charge law enforcement for any of their services or training.

Q: Who can I contact to learn more about the CAIR tool?

A: The CAIR coordinator is Josh Clevenger, who can be contacted at (816) 584-4347 or by e-mail at with a caption line of "CAIR." Individuals may also contact the HARCFL directly at (816) 584-4300.