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  • 05.27.2016

    Man charged with sex abuse of Oak Park teen he met on Tinder

    The Oak Park Police Department has charged a Chicago man with the possession of pornographic images and sexual abuse of an Oak Park teenager. RCFL personnel conducted forensics on the victim's phone.

  • 02.20.2016

    Dajuan Key convicted of transporting a minor across state lines to engage in prostitution

    Testimony from Chicago RCFL examiner helps convict Dajaun Key of taking a 15-year-old girl from Wisconsin to Illinois, where he forced her into prostitution.

  • 02.20.2016

    Juan Contreras, Former Spanish-language TV host gets 61 years for child sex assaults

    Chicago RCFL examiner testified in the trial of Juan Contreras. The former Chicago Spanish-language music producer and television host was sentenced to 61 years in prison Wednesday for sexually assaulting four young girls when he was supposed to be giving them voice lessons, according to prosecutors.

  • 02.18.2016

    Ex-CPS chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett pleads guilty

    Ex-CPS chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett pleads guilty, tearfully apologizes to students. Chicago RCFL provided onsite support at SUPES Academy and other locations that were instrumental in obtaining evidence for this investigation, and examined evidence in the laboratory.

  • 02.18.2016

    "The Digital Suspect" - Chicago RCFL featured in News Exclusive

    As crime evolves with the digital nature of the world we live in, investigators are evolving as well; finding ways to keep up with the fast paced growth of technology. Director John Dziedzic explains the Chicago RCFL plays a crucial role in providing support for crimes involving digital evidence.

  • 03.15.2012

    Former Illinois Governor Begins Prison Term

    Rod Blagojevich began serving his 14-year prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution Englewood in Colorado. The Chicago RCFL provided digital forensics expertise to prosecutors for the ex-governor's two trials.

  • 06.01.2011

    RCFL Program Featured on

    The RCFL Program, specifically the Chicago RCFL, is currently featured on the FBI homepage.

  • 05.06.2011

    Audio/Video Forensics Benefits Diverse Investigations

    The ability to enhance images extracted from video and digital cameras has helped solve many investigations — from fleeing bank robbers caught on camera to actual crimes recorded on tape. Chicago RCFL Examiner Paul Rettig is applying his video forensics skills to aid two very different investigations — one for the National Hockey League and another involving a violent criminal who not only robs but chokes his victims

  • 12.04.2009

    Chicago lab goes after digital crooks

    Trying to conceal wrongdoing, criminals often do whatever possible to get rid of digital evidence, sometimes acting in a moment of panic. That can include anything from deleting e-mails to shooting computers with a shotgun or even burning the house down. It's left to the Chicago Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory to try and recover the data. "The stuff isn't always looking pretty when it comes in here," John Parcol, a Chicago forensic examiner, said Thursday.

  • 12.03.2009

    FBI Techno-sleuths Find Evidence In Digital Codes

    With FBI agents closing in on him, one suspect tried to burn down his own home in hopes the flames would destroy the computer hard drive holding the evidence to send him to prison. He failed. Another fired a shotgun into his computer at point blank range in hopes that blowing its two hard drives to smithereens would save him from the federal pen. He ruined one hard drive but the other survived and he went to prison.

  • 12.03.2009

    FBI's electronic sleuths find key evidence buried on hard drives and in cellphone messages

    The FBI is celebrating a new honor for its high-tech Chicago Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory. The laboratory, which handles 500 cases a year in northern Illinois, on Thursday received full accreditation from the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors-Laboratory Accreditation. The recognition puts it in the top level of such laboratories nationwide.

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