Examiner Position Announcement

Position Announcement San Diego Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (SDRCFL)

FA RCFL Network Engineer

(All positions are dependent on SDRCFL funding availability)


Salary range from approximately $77,806 to $94,574 annually, plus benefits

Location: San Diego

Final filing date: February 21st, 2023

This position serves as a digital Forensic Examiner (FE) at the San Diego Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (SDRCFL), which is the region’s computer forensics laboratory for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), state, and local law enforcement agencies and other Federal agencies. The RCFL provides services, products, and investigative support to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in their operational and investigative efforts against all crimes associated with gangs, drug trafficking, organized crime, white collar crime, and terrorism along California’s border with Mexico and in San Diego and Imperial counties.
A Forensic Examiner performs assigned digital forensic examinations while adhering to standard operating procedures and quality requirements. These examinations occur across a wide array of technical devices, including mobile phones, laptop and desktop computers, servers, vehicles, drones, various types of computer networks, etc. Support for investigations typically occurs inside a laboratory setting, but FEs must be able to support active investigations on-scene with law enforcement when required. An FE plans and organizes assigned examinations and performs technical reviews of examinations conducted by peers. An FE reports opinions and interpretations following requirements in SDRCFL quality documents. Certification as a Forensic Examiner is by the FBI after undergoing a strict training program. Failure to achieve certification will result in removal from this position. Candidates will function in the SDRCFL as a Forensic Examiner in Training (FET), gaining on the job experience, while working to complete the required FBI certification.
This is an at-will position with the City of Chula Vista and dependent upon funding from various agencies that participate in the SDRCFL.
The position holder must pass an FBI background investigation, which may include drug testing and/or a polygraph exam, and must qualify for and maintain an active Federal security clearance.
An eligibility list will be created from this process that will be used for up to one year to fill Network Engineer vacancies at the SDRCFL.
The applicant must pass a law enforcement background investigation and must also qualify for and maintain a Federal Top-Secret security clearance.


Ability to be on-call to support active law enforcement investigations with digital forensics.
Travel between multiple sites in San Diego County, as needed.
Ability to travel to the east coast or other locations within the United States to attend various certification training courses facilitated by the FBI.
Attend and successfully complete all training as assigned. Failure to successfully complete training within the allowable number of tries will result in removal from the program and from the SDRCFL.
Maintain the integrity of original and derivative evidence.
Acquire and utilize suitable hardware and software interfaces to handle specific data handling situations.
Identify, diagnose, and correct error and problem conditions encountered in acquisition and examination of original evidence.
Provide on-site or telephonic technical computer forensic assistance to law enforcement entities that request such assistance in the seizure of original digital media for possible submission to the SDRCFL.
Act as the subject matter expert on digital forensic matters for Federal, State, and local or military law enforcement agencies as requested.
Document the forensic examination in reports and notes according to the standards established by the SDRCFL Director.
Provide training in forensic examination techniques to law enforcement entities.
Provide court testimony on assigned case related matter, as requested.
Be available for travel outside the immediate jurisdiction to provide case support to other federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies.
Continuously strive to improve the function of the SDRCFL.
Ability to conduct research on all aspects related to computers, networks, and digital forensics.
Maintain assigned imaging and examination equipment.
Demonstrate knowledge of principles of TCP/IP and related protocols, computer operating systems, computer hardware, computer system fundamentals and concepts, etc.
Demonstrate knowledge of telephone, office, and online etiquette.
Demonstrate knowledge of current technology and trends in the profession.
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to assess and define the needs of investigators or customers and recommend viable solutions and alternatives
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to learn and apply advancements in computing to existing systems and workflows.
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to communicate effectively in a clear, concise, and understandable manner when speaking to individuals and teams.
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to communicate effectively with a variety of individuals representing diverse cultures and backgrounds and function calmly in situations that require a high degree of sensitivity, tact, and diplomacy.
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide prompt, efficient and responsive service.
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to communicate effectively and hold self and others accountable.
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to solve problems and innovate.
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to demonstrate ethical behavior, leverage resources (coaches and develops), support leadership changes.

Additional responsibilities include duties that assist the SDRCFL in achieving its operational goals. This may include specialized training and certification in areas beyond the basic required training.


The Network Engineer must possess a Baccalaureate Degree or appropriate technical certificate from an accredited institution in a field of study relevant to the SDRCFL’s Information Technology mission. Typically this would mean major course work in Information Technology, Computer Science, Information Security or a combination thereof. The Network Engineer must be a U.S. citizen, qualify for and hold a Federal Top Secret Security Clearance and must pass a law enforcement background check.


U.S citizenship required.
Possession of or eligibility to obtain a valid California driver’s license.
Must pass a law enforcement background investigation, which may include drug testing and/or a polygraph examination.
Must qualify for and maintain an active Federal security clearance.
CompTIA’s A+ Certification must be held or obtained within 3 months of employment.

On an intermittent basis, sit at a desk for long periods of time: intermittently walk, stand, bend, squat, twist, lay down or work on all fours for short periods while moving, repairing or wiring IT equipment; exposure to dirt and dust is likely; perform simple grasping and fine manipulation; use telephone and use a keyboard to communicate through written means, review information and enter/retrieve data; see and read characters on computer screen; may lift equipment weighing over 40 pounds at times from confined areas. Work is primarily performed indoors on carpeted or tiled surfaces in a climate-controlled office environment with fluorescent lighting and moderate noise levels. Some work is performed in server rooms where the noise levels may be significantly higher than the general environment. Work in such high noise environments will require hearing protection. Some work is performed in the field, including site surveys for various IT projects and/or assistance with law enforcement details. Work with a smart phone or laptop for a prolonged period of time may be required but is not typical. Some movement from office to office may be required. There is exposure to the external environment when going to outlying offices, meetings, or performing field work. Work is frequently disrupted by the need to respond in person or by telephone to trouble calls or requests for assistance.


Submit your resume by U.S. mail, fax, or email as indicated below. The resume must specify experience and /or education that support qualifications for this position. Qualified candidates will be offered an interview. After interviews, one or more candidates will be asked to undergo a law enforcement investigation. Hiring will then take place based on the contingency of successful completion of the Federal security clearance process.

Submit resumes:

Via email to:

SDRCFL@fbi.gov / Subject: RCFL FE Posting

Via U.S. Mail to:

San Diego RCFL

Attn: Lab Director
10385 Vista Sorrento Parkway

San Diego, CA 92121

Via Fax to:

(858) 587-2301 San Diego RCFL

Attn: Lab Director

Subject: RCFL FE Posting


Email: SDRCFL@fbi.gov