2010 Webcast

2010 Webcast Order Page — "Capturing a Running Computer System: What Every Digital Forensics and Cyber Professional Should Know"

On October 14, 2010, the RCFL Program hosted a Webinar entitled "Capturing a Running Computer System: What Every Digital Forensics & Cyber Professional Should Know." The two-hour Webinar is an exclusive training event for law enforcement and government personnel. Participants will hear the FBI's perspective on what live capture is and is not, and learn:

  • Under what circumstances capturing a running computer system is warranted
  • The pros and cons of capturing a running computer system
  • Best practices at crimes scenes such as kidnappings or crimes against children, as they pertain to live capture situations.

Participants will also hear from the FBI's top experts about the various aspects of capturing a running system including encryption, accessing RAM vs. a disk drive, volatile memory, maximizing forensic seizure, logical copy, and more.

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