Field Guides

Digital Evidence Field Guide

Written by seasoned digital forensics Examiners and law enforcement professionals, these pocket-sized Guides contains helpful information, tips, and pointers in layman's terms about digital forensics and properly managing digital evidence.

Quantities are limited, and will only be sent to law enforcement and government personnel.

Note to Law Enforcement Officers Overseas- Please send requests for Field Guides to your local FBI Legal Attaché office—commonly known as Legats. Click here to view a contact list.

2010: Mobile Forensics Field Guide V 2.0

Mobile Forensics Field Guide This Guide was created to help law enforcement personnel better understand the potential role of handheld devices such as mobile phones and more, during criminal investigations. The Guide also contains helpful tips and best practices on how to properly handle these devices to preserve digital evidence. To order the Guide, click here.

2007: Digital Evidence Field Guide 1.1

Digital Evidence Field Guide This Guide provides law enforcement critical information they must know about identifying, handling, transporting, and storing digital evidence during a criminal investigation. Click here to download a PDF version of the field guide or here to order a hard copy (and link to order page).