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This software tool was created by members of the FBI's Computer Analysis Response Team specifically for "knock & talk" situations relating to child exploitation investigations. Once deployed, the software quickly identifies and isolates images on a suspect's computer and stores them on a USB device – without altering any files on the computer. ImageScan consists of a CD and a USB device.

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Is available – free of charge – to all law enforcement personnel. The 1-day course is taught at all RCFL locations as well as several CART Offices. Click here to register for training online.

Law enforcement officers who are not able to travel to one of these locations may request training at their office. In order to send an instructor, we require:

  1. A minimum of two (2) classes of 20 students each who are interested in attending.
  2. A training room or other facility to seat your classes as well as computers or laptops and a basic projection system.

To request training at your office, email the RCFL NPO at


Q: What is ImageScan 3.x?

A: It's a software tool consisting of a CD and USB device that allows investigators to identify and isolate images on a suspect's computer and then stores them on a USB device for later viewing. This process allows investigators to collect necessary data to obtain search warrants or to detain subjects pending a more comprehensive search.

Q: When would an investigator use ImageScan 3.x?

A: It was primarily designed for "knock & talk" situations.

Q: Is consent required?

Yes. An investigator must have the subject's consent before using ImageScan or searching their computer in any way.

Q: Is ImageScan hard to use – what if you're not familiar with computers?

A: If you can turn on a computer, insert a CD, and plug in a USB device, you can use ImageScan. It was purposely designed for all skills sets, from the computer novice up to the most sophisticated user.

Q: How can law enforcement obtain the newest version?

There are two ways:

*Past Users – Click here to request a copy. After you pass a verification process, we will ship you the latest version. Shipments are sent on a bimonthly basis from the RCFL National Program Office.

*New Users - Are required to take the 1-day ImageScan training course which is taught at all RCFLs. Law enforcement personnel can also request the training, and an RCFL or CART instructor will travel to you – upon request. Click here to learn more. Once the training course is successfully completed, participants receive a certificate and the ImageScan 3.x software tool.

Q: How can law enforcement personnel register for ImageScan classes?

A: Register online by clicking on the Continuing Education menu button on

Q: Is there a cost for ImageScan training?

A: No – as with all RCFL services and training, there are no costs involved for law enforcement.

Q: Is there a calendar for training classes?

A: Yes, click here to select a location and view the training available at that site.

Q: What new features does ImageScan 3.x offer?

A: It now works on most Macintosh computers and searches files even faster than previous versions. The software tool is still as easy to use as earlier versions.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

A: The ImageScan coordinator is available via email on Or you can call the RCFL National Program Office on (703) 985-3677.

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ImageScan Version 3.02(a) is now available. Click here to request a copy.