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RCFL National Program Office

In 2002, the FBI established the RCFL National Program Office (NPO) to oversee the operations of the RCFLs, and to facilitate the creation of new facilities. Additionally, the NPO supports the laboratories by —

  • Providing technical assistance to ensure consistent quality management of each laboratory

  • Institutionalizing the policies, practices, and legal processes regarding the establishment and governance of RCFLs

  • Cultivating working relationships between law enforcement, the private sector, academia, and other government agencies by serving as a national clearinghouse for the exchange and dissemination of information among these entities

  • Serving as an advocate for the Program before key constituent groups

  • Working with the FBI and other government agencies to develop new digital evidence forensics tools

  • Developing training curricula for digital evidence Examiners and law enforcement officers

  • Coordinating and communicating training initiatives and tool development efforts for use by the law enforcement community.

RCFL/Asset Forfeiture Partnership

The Department of Justice's Asset Forfeiture Program is a national law enforcement program that continues to be an effective and powerful strategy in the fight against crime.

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The primary mission of the Asset Forfeiture Program is to employ asset forfeiture powers in a manner that enhances public safety and security. This is accomplished by removing the proceeds of crime and other assets relied upon by criminals and their associates to perpetuate their illegal activities.


  • Asset forfeiture has the authority to disrupt or dismantle criminal organizations that have the capacity to function even after a specific individual(s) is convicted and incarcerated.
  • The program encompasses the seizure and forfeiture of assets that represent the proceeds of, or were used to facilitate federal crimes.
  • The program applies only to cases developed by law enforcement officials in certain agencies of the Federal Government.

Partnering with the Asset Forfeiture Program

Each year, the RCFL NPO, as part of the annual request for allocation of resources from the Asset Forfeiture Fund, submits a proposal to allow the FBI to support reimbursement of overtime funding for state and local RCFL Examiners. The proposal also includes a request for funding to provide state and local law enforcement examiners with cell phones and the use of government-leased automobiles while on official duty. Because AFF resources are awarded on an annual basis, there is no guarantee these benefits will be available to state/local examiners from one year to the next.

Since the RCFL Program's partnership with the AFF began, RCFLs have been able to better address backlogged cases, perform emergency examinations, and improve turn-around times.

Components of the Department of Justice's Asset Forfeiture Program

The Asset Forfeiture Program includes activities by DOJ components and several others outside the Department.

The components include—

  • Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section of the Criminal Division;
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • United States Marshals Service
  • United States Attorneys' Offices
  • Asset Forfeiture Management Staff, Justice Management Division.

Several organizations outside DOJ also participate in the program and include —

  • United States Postal Inspection Service
  • Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations
  • United States Department of Agriculture, Office of the Inspector General
  • Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

Working with DOJ's Asset Forfeiture Program

Any state or local law enforcement agency that directly participates in an investigation or prosecution that results in a federal forfeiture may request an equitable share of the net proceeds of the forfeiture. To learn more about sharing federally forfeited property, state and local law enforcement personnel can go to the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section (AFMLS), Criminal Division, Web site and click on the AFMLS's publication titled: "A Guide to Equitable Sharing of Federally Forfeited Property for State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies."

An additional resource is the Treasury Department's forfeiture program that is managed by the Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture (TEOAF).


For further guidance regarding operational asset forfeiture matters, contact the FBI's Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Unit at (202) 324-3000.