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Please use the form below to request the information products featured on our website.

**PLEASE READ: RCFL Material Limitations

Sworn Law Enforcement and FBI Personnel — Limit 1 per LEO

*State/local police departments may request multiple copies (1 copy per sworn LEO) in bulk by sending a letter on official departmental letterhead to the address below. All requests will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis:

SSA S. Teague
Building 27958-A
Quantico, VA 22135

Non-U.S. Law Enforcement — Contact your local FBI Legat Office.

Academic, Civilian and Others — We are unable to provide materials at this time.

Notice: The RCFL NPO reserves the right to limit quantities or deny requests for any reason for RCFL materials.

  • Law Enforcement Personnel Overseas: Unfortunately, our current policy precludes us from shipping our products outside the United States. If you are outside the borders of the US and would still like to order our materials, please contact your LEGAT. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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** Red products are available ONLY to law enforcement and government personnel.
  Quantity Order Limit Product Name
1 2013 Webcast DVD: Digital Forensics & Social Media Evidence
1 RCFL Information DVD
2011 Annual Report
1 2011 Webcast DVD: Decoding Digital Evidence
1 Live Capture Field Guide
NPO Services Overview (Bookmark)
5 Key Facts About Digital Evidence (Bookmark)
1 Mobile Forensics Field Guide
Mobile Forensics Field Guide (Bookmark)
1 Digital Evidence Field Guide
Live Capture Bookmark
2010 Annual Report
1 2010 Webcast DVD: Capturing a Running Computer System
2009 Annual Report
1 2009 Webcast DVD: Managing Mobile Forensics
1 2007 Webcast DVD: Managing Digital Evidence

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